Retail Media:
Well-known places
conquer the market

Highlighting products
where the end customer is looking

Highlighting products where the end customer is looking

Using top dogs to effectively increase reach and sales

Direct contact without detours is the order of the day, because the targeted search for products is increasingly shifting to the large marketplaces on the Internet. Only half of all product searches still take place in the traditional style via search engines such as Google or Bing - and the trend is downward.

However, this does not mean that you can do without search engine marketing. On the contrary: together with retail marketing, you can exploit the full potential of your online advertising.

Retail Media Marketing

Therefore, place your brand ads where your customers really search for products:

On Amazon, Ebay or, but also on new well-known marketplaces like Douglas' or even Zalando's.

Other marketplaces such as Alibaba, Target or Walmart are becoming larger and are looking for their way to Europe.

Your advantages

Quicker purchase completion

Products rank higher

Benefit from the seriousness and trust of the marketplace

Use the reach of the marketplaces for your brand and product

Multiplier for niche stores

Respond to competitor products by placing ads

Today, no manufacturer can get around a reseller in particular. See how your marketing can look like in relation to Amazon.

Amazon Advertising

New dimensions of product search

Amazon has become an elementary part of the product search. We support you to reach your target group on Amazon. In addition to more visitors and sales, you manage to increase visibility through sponsored ads for customers in relevant search queries.

M2L optimizes all processes so that you can establish new products and generate more sales with Amazon Marketing Services. No matter if you are a vendor or a seller - we have internalized both perspectives and help you to increase your sales on the Amazon marketplace - even internationally!

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Product ads are displayed on product detail pages and in search results. They are marked with "Sponsored" and help your products get a better ranking and more visibility. Sponsored Product ads can also increase sales by reaching customers who have already searched for similar products.

Sponsored Products_1

links to a product detail site

Sponsored Brands

With Sponsored Brands ads, you present your brand and a selection of products at the top of the search results page to increase your brand awareness. Your brand logo is displayed along with a picture or video and three of your products. Clicking on the logo will take you to your Amazon Store, which we will also be happy to maintain for you, or to a custom landing page. Customized texts make it possible to present the brand to the customer the way it should be perceived.

Sponsored Brands_1

links to an Amazon store

Sponsored Display

Sponsored Display ads are displayed on detail pages as well as on other Amazon pages, based on the targeting options you choose. They are intended to encourage purchases. However, Sponsored Display ads can also be used to address relevant target groups outside of Amazon.

We have many years of expertise in retail media marketing (trade marketing) and offer you the following services:

Listing of products on the major marketplaces (with our partner PVS XT)

Creation of brand stores and their maintenance

Campaign planning and management

Better visibility and resulting increased sales of the products on relevant marketplaces

Die M2L Agency GmbH ist mit Hauptsitz in München Ihre Online
Marketing Agentur aus der Weltstadt mit Herz!

+49 (0)89 121 402 03 30

Die M2L Agency GmbH ist mit Hauptsitz in München Ihre Online
Marketing Agentur aus der Weltstadt mit Herz!

+49 (0)89 121 402 03 30