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After more than 50 years of combined experience in performance marketing, we know what we’re talking about.

We are a Google Premium Partner, which means we are currently among the top three percent of Google partners worldwide. What this means both for you and us can be found under SEA. Furthermore, we are certified as an affiliate agency by all major networks and work side by side with the largest partners with the widest reach.

You are welcome to get a first impression of our clients who have been working with us for years with great satisfaction.

Our experts support you with 360 degree consulting and help you to improve your most important KPIs even further. We don’t just look at one specific channel in your online marketing mix, but get an overall view: Which channels are already being used? Is the entire funnel already covered? What other opportunities are there?

You’ve probably already thought about how an end customer should get to your store, where he or she will ultimately interact.

The customer journey plays a very important role in making the right decisions. This user journey usually includes many different touchpoints.

Consumer journeys are not linear …

Consumer journey

… but are fluid and often include multiple touchpoints

Setup of an own network

In order to be able to implement special partnerships in a more cost-efficient way and still ensure clean tracking, we offer our customers the opportunity to join our M2L partner network.

In addition to greater cost efficiency, this setup also allows us to implement centralized reporting; the easiest way to do this is via the Google Cloud. This allows us to provide all relevant info via a single interface.

If desired, we can integrate our customers into our own partner network. This allows special partnerships to be implemented more cost-effectively.

By connecting to the Google Cloud, centralized reporting is also possible. They no longer have to be regulated via many different API connections, but only via a single point of contact.

Other key features

Any commission model is technically supported: CPO (CPS/CPA), TKP, CPC, CPL, CPM

Freely configurable user management

Attribution rules

Central partner communication

Advertising management

Cloud-based reporting with configurable dashboards

Automated payouts

Multiple advertisers/publishers possible

Individual TOS and data protection requirements possible

Complete customer journey mapping and individual attribution

We have gained a lot of experience in all areas and are happy to help you with the setup!

Are you curious? Then feel free to contact us.

Audit of your campaigns

You are new in the department and want to bring in some fresh air with an external opinion and assessment?

We check your accounts and give you input on how they can become even more efficient and which potentials are not yet exhausted.

Let’s start together!

Die M2L Agency GmbH ist mit Hauptsitz in München Ihre Online
Marketing Agentur aus der Weltstadt mit Herz!
+49 (0)89 121 402 03 30

Die M2L Agency GmbH ist mit Hauptsitz in München Ihre Online
Marketing Agentur aus der Weltstadt mit Herz!

+49 (0)89 121 402 03 30