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Do you want to increase the awareness of your brand in the long term and significantly boost your traffic? With our services we take your advertising to a new level.


Native Advertising

A format in which the advertising hardly differs visually and in terms of content from the inventory, the environment of the page.

In native, we want to reach the user through editorial content that integrates well with the site environment. In the past, the ads blinked and "wiggled", rotated heavily, and the contrast with Native could not have been greater. However, the performance usually left something to be desired. Users got fed up with these ads. Today, it's the content that counts and this is where native advertising can score.

Display Advertising


banner blind

content is fragmented

not responsive


content-integrated adervtising

users share content


Native Advertising

Native Advertising at a glance

10 times higher engagement compared to regular ads

Traffic where it should be: precisely targeted to your audiences (premium inventory, articles, blogs, video, apps)

Permanently optimized ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend)

Another advantage for you: We take over the campaign setup and account maintenance as well as the communication completely.

This includes reporting monthly KPI's and informing next steps as standard.

We continue to optimize for ROAS - additional branding campaigns can be added as desired.

We increase the VCTR (view-through conversion rate) by actively intervening with audiences and publishers

We make sure to shape the new trends and not just go along with them.


Retargeting & Predictive

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is another discipline in online marketing. To be precise, it means: To move a user who has already been in your store, but has not bought, back into your store with targeted ads and to generate a purchase.

The great thing about retargeting is that it reaches the end user on the pages they are browsing.

The insight behind this targeting is plain and simple: A user who has already been in the store and possibly also had something in the shopping cart shows a higher likelihood of buying.

But because the inventory of AdSpaces is generally very large, a branding campaign can also be implemented. Here, the audience is changed and potential new customers are addressed: Predictive Targeting.



You are interested in the orange t-shirt. You will be marked with a cookie for this visited item.



You are on another website. This recognizes your cookie and displays the advertisement with the orange t-shirt.



You click on the ad and are taken directly to the orange t-shirt.

When designing your campaigns, we respond precisely to your wishes and always give you proactive feedback.

Together, we also bring back users who have left your store without placing an order. We target these potential customers on other sites and convince them to buy your products through multiple contacts.



Be Seen where everyone is watching.
How you speak matters more than ever.

TV viewing time has changed significantly over the past ten years. In the target group of 30-49 year-olds, TV viewing time has decreased by 13 percent and by as much as 34 percent among 14-29 year-olds. On the other hand, YouTube is becoming increasingly relevant for the aforementioned target groups.

Source: AGF video research in cooperation with GfK

1.9 billion registered users worldwide visit YouTube every month. In Germany, 45 million logged-in users (82 percent of the online population) roam around the site every month. The majority of users are between 20 and 49 years old. YouTube therefore offers great potential for finding new customers, as around 1.5 billion users worldwide already watch more than an hour of video content every day - on mobile devices alone.

Source: YouTube, 2019 and Google Internal Data, 2017



What message
should be transported?



Use the
right format.



Reaching the right
target group.

This makes it even more important for companies to be present on YouTube and to take advantage of YouTube's wide reach in order to address relevant users there as well. YouTube ads can be used to reach potential customers when they view or search for videos on YouTube. It is particularly important to choose the right video format in order to convey the right message to the selected target group.

We help you to get an overview of the different formats even in the YouTube jungle. Whether it's bumpers, skippable or non-skippable ads, we'll be happy to advise you on which format is right for your goals.

YouTube Kids

Especially for children, there has been the YouTube Kids app for a few years now. Video ads can also be placed on YouTube Kids to introduce your products to children.

These ads then only appear in the YouTube Kids app and are especially recommended in the awareness funnel area. Currently, there are only in-stream video ads, which cannot be skipped.



With Spotify, you reach people while they stream their favorite content, no matter what time of day it is.

Close to 300 million people use Spotify every month for an average of two hours a day. 83 percent of 16-34 year old internet users in Germany stream online audio content. 61 percent of German podcast listeners aged 14-29 prefer Spotify for this.

Source: Spotify Advertising and Shopify

Whether it's podcasts, radio plays, songs or playlists, on Spotify you can reach your target audience when they stream their favorite content. Through streaming intelligence, Spotify knows how and what users are listening to, and with billions of individual data points, can help make ads smarter and get to know the target audience better.

Advertisers have a wide range of options on Spotify to get your message to listeners. They range from Audio Ads to Podcast Ads to Sponsored Playlists and can be handed over to Spotify for production.

Spotify Audio Ads


of 16-34-year-old Internet users in Germany stream online audio content.


of German podcast listeners between 14 and 29 prefer Spotify.


is the daily average listening time per user.

Source: Spotify

We're happy to help you find the right format for you and can help you become part of your target audience's soundtrack!

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Die M2L Agency GmbH ist mit Hauptsitz in München Ihre Online
Marketing Agentur aus der Weltstadt mit Herz!

+49 (0)89 121 402 03 30