Partner/Affiliate Marketing

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When you hear the term partner/affiliate marketing, you immediately think of classic affiliate marketing, which is how we aim to generate sales. But affiliate marketing is so much more.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing stands for an independent sales system and has only one goal: Attract and retain customers. The real-world counterpart is the sales representative, who receives a commission for closing a sales deal. It is similar online, except that the parties involved are called merchant and affiliate.

Thus, different partnerships with different goals can be mapped via affiliate marketing. Be it the typical customer loyalty approach or a more sale oriented one.

Affiliate Marketing

Your advantages


Cost efficiency

With affiliate marketing programs you have a low risk of bad investments and unprofitable marketing campaigns Due to the performance-based commission, you only pay when the desired result such as sale, new registration or newsletter subscription actually occurs.

An important advantage here: For each goal, it is possible to find the appropriate partners who have focused on different areas (for example: Content, Cashback, Voucher, Comparison portals, Deal sites, eMail campaigns and many more).

You see, the affiliate channel is highly diverse and can be adapted to the appropriate needs in the application type.

Profit beside our knowledge also from our agency conditions and further benefits.


Direct cooperation

An affiliate network takes over the tracking, but the data sovereignty over your raw data and possible further options are not available to you.

We have the solution: Your Private Network from M2L

The Private Network offers many advantages and additional technical possibilities and is so much more than a Public Network.

An important aspect: the network fees, which you can save and thus offer more attractive commissions to partners, whereby your program can be placed more prominently and strategic partnerships can be designed more lucratively. The billing model does not matter and individual deals are possible in addition to the classic models such as CPO and CPL.

In addition to these benefits, the tool also includes channel attribution, which provides a basis for decision-making when evaluating partner sales and fair compensation logic.

By the way: Especially campaigns from the display/retargeting area get a further depth in this way, which would not be possible without linking the own network. In this way, the reach of the campaigns becomes really measurable.

Of course, we can also take over all common network themes, such as:


Gift vouchers and promotions to publishers


Display advertising material


Send mailings


Import product data and make it available for export


Exact tracking (device data are also available)

If desired, the billing with the partners can be done automatically, so that no extra effort arises for you. The matching of orders can be done via API and does not tie up any of your important resources.

In addition to all these (and many, many more configuration options), the interface, your invoices, mailings, etc. are created in your own CI and thus get the ultimate trust factor for your partners.


Influencer Marketing

Brand ambassador

A suitable influencer can deliver clear added value for your marketing as a brand ambassador. The decisive factor is not the number of followers, but whether the intended target group is reached. We select partners from our repertoire who are well suited for your brand.

Together we will find the right partner. How does it work? Tell us your wishes and goals - we suggest suitable influencers and contact them accordingly. You should know in advance that a lot of work goes into the content that is created for your brand. Therefore, provide enough budget to get content with added value.

The advertising possibilities are great and should be planned carefully. In addition to the classic posts on blogs, Facebook and Instagram, new platforms have been added that should also be used. You can find more information about this in the section on social media marketing.

What consumers think about influencers


of women will consider purchasing products supported by influencers.


of consumers under 32 spend time on social media digesting peer written content.


of US readers consult blogs to find new trends and ideas.


of consumers trust online opinions from other consumers.

Source: Neil Patel


Brand fit

The chosen partner must be able to identify with your product or brand. This is the only way to ensure that the desired result is achieved in the end. Community is valuable capital! Community identifies with its opinion leaders and has confidence in their recommendations. It simply has to fit!

The classic form of cooperation is sponsored posts or advertorials. The possibilities are endless - depending on the requirements, we will find the right package for you. Are you considering an event where opinion leaders can get to know your brand and your product? Here, too, we are happy to assist you with the planning.

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Die M2L Agency GmbH ist mit Hauptsitz in München Ihre Online
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